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Mobile and interior Detailing

Interiors that are sanitary and clean create an ideal driving environment in which to concentrate. The trunk, passenger compartment, dashboard area, windows, carpet, seats, and panels of the vehicle are carefully cleaned. 

Polising and waxing

The product used here is of great quality, so your car’s paint will not be damaged in any way. Following that, a clay bar is used to remove things like tar, bugs, paint overspray, sap, and other contaminants that cannot be removed by simple washing.

Exterior - Cleaning,

One of the services provided by true star detailing is the washing of the exterior of the vehicle to strengthen its resistance to exposure to sunshine as well as environmental threats such as smoking, grime, and dust.


The region must be kept clean in order for mechanics to perform reliably and smoothly. For parts like rubber hoses, our Calgary auto detailing experts use specialized lubricants. To safely dress and shine the engine, a non-silicone base dressing is applied.


For parts like rubber hoses, our car detailing specialists use specialized lubricants. Alloys and tyres are cleaned with sensitivity to the varied finishes of the alloy in order to provide better maintenance and service.

Leather Seats

We either utilize a soil extractor similar to a shampoo steam cleaner or a simple hand shampoo and scrub brush cleaning procedure. To remove filth and grime from your seats, use vinyl and/or leather cleaner.


Welcome to Real Star Detailing, where passion meets perfection in car detailing. Our expert team of passionate detailers is dedicated to restoring your vehicle’s beauty using cutting-edge techniques and premium products. With a commitment to excellence, we deliver unparalleled care, ensuring your cherished ride shines with ultimate protection. Over the years, our team has detailed a large number of vehicles, and we are fully capable of handling every detailing task. The team has extensive knowledge of waxes, restoration, and paint coats. Every car is meticulously detailed to ensure professionalism and total client pleasure.


At Real Star Detailing, we’ve redefined car detailing with a fresh perspective. What sets us apart is that we’ve revolutionized the car detailing experience by bringing the expertise directly to your doorstep. As a mobile detailing company, we prioritize your convenience, offering premium services wherever you are. Our commitment to innovation, precision, and customer satisfaction remains unmatched. With cutting-edge technology and a passionate team of experts, we don’t just clean cars; we rejuvenate their essence right at your location. Experience the ultimate in mobile automotive detailing, your car deserves nothing less.

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We guarantee that you will enjoy our work.

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Elbow valley estates

Black diamond  and turner valley
Redwood diamond and turner valley
Redwood meadows and Bragg
Lyalta and the lakes of muirfield

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